Sunday, June 7, 2009

First Meeting!

OK, more things starting to roll. I had my first meeting with my Pack's COR and CC. The meeting was only supposed to be 15 minutes but ended up lasting about 45.
This what we talked about:
- Virtually no one in the unit is trained. The COR told me, "basically no one knows what to do but we are trying." I explained the importance of getting trained and that every boy deserves a well trained leader. I told them about and getting their online training out of the way. I also told them about finding someone to be the Pack Trainer, they told me they have someone in mind. I am actually surprised about this because most volunteers quit after several months if they haven't been trained because of frustration. According to the COR and CC they have been operating without any trained leaders for the better part of a year!
- The Pack has no uniform policy. I told them why uniforms are important and got a committment from them to get uniforms. I will work with them to get uniforms for the committee.
- No program. As it stands this Pack is operating without an annual plan just like most other units. I have found that a Scout unit that plans the year ahead is usually a lot more successful than one who doesn't. I hate to say it but, "units that fail to plan, plan to fail." The CC told me their budget was 0. After the Pack comes up with a plan they need to figure out a budget and then organize some fundraisers to meet their budget.
That was pretty much it except that I gave them some cards that have the Unit Commissioner's responsibilities on it with my name and phone number. I got an invitation to visit the Pack's Camporee on the 24th.

Thanx for stopping by.

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