Saturday, May 23, 2009

The new Unit Commissioner

Back in July 2008 I was asked to be on Cub Scout Roundtable staff by the CS Roundtable Commissioner. OK, to be honest I wasn't given an option she told me that I was going to be on staff. I didn't have any problems with being on RT staff so I just let her sign me up and its been very rewarding since. What's really nice about my District is that they consider me to be a commissioner because I am on staff.
Rewind to October 2008 while I was attending Commissioner college. A good friend of mine who was an Assistant Scoutmaster on my Woodbadge course (and also in the Stake Presidency) told me that I was on the list to be called to be a Unit Commissioner (UC). At the time I had no desire to be a UC but I have never turned down a calling so I did some research on what a Unit Commissioner does. It looked great so I just sat and waited to be called but nothing ever happened.
Fast forward to March 2009. I went to my District Executive and talked to him about being a Unit Commissioner. I was very surprised that he seemed excited to have me in the position, to be honest I was stunned. I don't think that I make a very good impression on most people, so again I waited for the Stake to call me, nothing.
Fast forward again to May 2009 when I went to the DE's office and told him I was tired of waiting and gave him my adult application and asked to be assigned some units. He asked what I wanted and I told him a mix. I ended up with Pack 191, Troop 791, and Troop 17. Troop 17 is a sister unit and I am a Den Leader in Pack 17. I was surprised by Troop 17 because I had thought that 17 had someone else in mind to be their Commissioner. The leader who runs Troop 17 is away on BSA business so I will just go through the motions until I can get a hold of him to find out what's going on.
Wouldn't you know it! A couple of days later I hear through the grapevine that the Stake is going to call me to be the Unit Commissioner for two 11-year old Scouting Troops. Go figure, at least I have a head start on training.
Back on the 19th of May I completed UC Fast Start and have 9 of the 14 orientation projects completed. I have already introduced myself to the District Commissioner at a Commissioner meeting and have got the ball rolling.

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