Thursday, May 28, 2009

Things are starting to happen!

Finally! I had a meeting last night with my ADC and DC and got 3 more of my orientation projects completed. The only project I have left is to visit the units I am assigned to with my ADC and we will do that this Tuesday!
I am actually really excited to be working with my ADC because he won a very prestigious award from the BSA: Distinguished Scoutmaster of the Year. Only 48 of these awards were given out this year and the ADC that I am working for is one of them. Considering that there are 3 million registered adult leaders that is quite an accomplishment.
After I finish orientation I will work on my Quality Commissioner Award, and Unit Commissioner Arrowhead of Honor. As a side note, I am also on Roundtable Staff and I should be able to finish my Roundtable Commissioner Arrowhead of Honor sometime in July but I want to do the Unit Commissioner Arrowhead also.

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