Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pack 191

I met with Pack 191 the other day and found out that several of their adult members had quit. To begin with I am impressed with the Pack because they had to find another organization to charter them and they did. Finding another organization to keep the unit going shows dedication and a willingness to go the extra mile to provide a quality program.
When I found out that one of the positions that the Pack had lost was Cubmaster I went into help mode. The Cubmaster is a pivotal position in the Pack, without a well trained Cubmaster the Pack could fold. I dusted off my knees and asked for help and I got a really good name! I developed a strong friendship with a married couple that I met while going through Woodbadge. John was in the Buffalo patrol and Sherry was in my patrol. Sherry has earned her beads and has also attended Silver Wolf and earned her tracks. Silver Wolf is a district two-day training class that teaches adult leaders how to run a very effective Cub Scouting unit. Sherry has at least three years experience with Cub Scouting and I think she and John would make excellent additions to Pack 191. If the Pack's Committee will accept Sherry as the new Cubmaster that program will excel! I called her and talked to her about it for about 20 minutes, I could tell she was flattered that I thought of her for the position and I could also tell she was also excited but she wanted to talk to her husband about it. If the Pack Committe won't accept her for Cubmaster she sure would be a good trainer.
I am going to set up an appointment to meet with the Pack on the 2nd of June for my first official visit.

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